The Series

Ebon is an independent animated series currently in production. Episodes will be released for free on the web, and later on DVD.

The Story

Barely accepted by the loose-knit society of vampires she calls her own, Ebon is an outcast even among the damned. But when a series of mysterious slayings leaves her injured and her community in chaos, she alone is prepared to fight back. With vampire casualties rising fast, Ebon forces a reluctant SWAT operative to help her track down the killer before her entire race is wiped out.

The Production

With influences raging from Production I.G to Bruce Timm, The Ebon project uses a technique called celshading to give 3D models the appearance of hand-drawn cartoons. A team of collaborators design the costumes, construct the sets and animate the characters to bring to life Ebon's vivid underworld of undead tribes, corrupt police, decadent millionaires and a relentless vampire-hunter who leaves no witnesses.

The Director

Mike Stamm is a filmmaker and animator based in Brooklyn. He can be reached at